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Choovio Chicken Bites

If You are looking for a wholesome, lean protein treats which is not only delicious but also naturally enhance the overall wellness the Choovio Specialties will be the perfect choice for your dog.

Chicken Bites 5oz


Product Details

Choovio chicken bites made with lean chicken breast and enriched with healthy fibers such as carrot, sweet potato and celery. These healthy ingredients are gently concentrating their goodness into a richly nourishing source of protein. Made from 90% fresh-raw meat and 10% dehydrated vegetables. All the good treats start with Choovio!

  • Lean protein supports healthy muscles.
  • Slowly dried for superior taste & nutrition.
  • Choovio Chicken Bites are great treats for your meat-veggie loving dog.
  • Not contain wheat, corn or soy, no preservatives.
  • Proudly made in the USA / Ohio


Ingredients: Chicken breast, carrot, sweet potato, celery, vegetable glycerin, hickory powder.

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