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Katziela Quilted Chariot

Great for traveling with your furry friend.

Take your pet anywhere and everywhere. The Quilted Chariot is designed for all forms of travel including airplane flights, car road trips, or long bus rides. This versatile modular dog carrier can be used with or without its wheels for easy adjustment to any travel need. Make your next adventure your best adventure with your best animal friend.


Product Dimensions: 19.25"L x 11"W x 10.5"H (Without Wheeled Baseboard)


  • REMOVABLE WHEELBASE OPTION: a removable wheelbase includes rubberized, easy swivel wheels for optimal traction and smooth changing of direction. A telescoping handle makes for easy maneuvering around corners and through tight areas.


  • DESIGNED TO MEET TSA REQUIREMENTS: This travel carrier is designed to meet in-cabin requirements when the wheels are removed for it to fit under the seat. A zipper lock makes it escape-proof.


  • BUILT FOR THE RIDE: Premium materials meet modern convenience for you and your pet - a built-in floor plate and straps on the bottom and one side to help secure the airline-approved pet carrier to a seatbelt to keep rides smoother and safer.


    • shoulder strap, strong zipper, mesh-sided design, safe structure, and comfortable top-loading - our airline dog carrier / rolling cat carrier makes travel exquisite for your fur babies.



    - Duffle-style top opening makes it easy to insert or remove your pet on your terms with minimal risk of antsy misadventures, as well as mid-flight scratches, pats, strokes, and licks.
    - Optional sun guard protects your pup or kitty from direct sunlight.
    - Carry over the shoulder or like a handbag.
    - Rubber feet prevent slipping and rolling.
    - Two side pouches help travel lighter and more conveniently, with room for yummy biscuits and calming treats.
    - Fold out sides and high-visibility mesh front and siding help reduce nervous anxiety. and improve airflow, especially important for small dog breeds like pugs, Yorkies, and rat terriers.
    - Hard bottom improves stability and helps prevent rolling and undesired folding.


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