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Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Extra Strenght Clumping Cat Litter 28lbs


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The more cats you have, the more you need the extra-strength odor-blocking protection of Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Extra Strength Clumping Cat Litter. Multi-Cat's activated Baking Soda crystals absorb even the toughest odors and our most advanced clumping technology makes scooping a snap. Multi-Cat keeps cats coming back to the box –no matter how many paws are in the litter.

Rock-solid clumps let you remove the source of odors easily
99% dust free & low tracking
Advanced multi-cat strength formula helps keep the heavy traffic litter box odor free
An odor free home starts with Arm & Hammer, no matter how many cats you have.

Note: Please wash hands thoroughly after handling used cat litter. The manufacturer wants to remind pregnant women and those with suppressed immune systems that a parasite sometimes found in cat feces can cause toxoplasmosis.
Directions: Fill a clean, empty litter box with 3-4" of litter. Remove clumps and solid waste daily to keep the rest of the litter fresh. Add more litter to replace what you scooped out and maintain a depth of 3-4". Once a month, empty and clean the litter box.

Dispose of used litter in trash. Do not flush or put in drains.

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