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Fresh Step Clay Litter 14lb-Bag


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Our clay litter contains everything you love about clay with one refreshing difference—it will help keep your home smelling even fresher. To improve our best selling cat litter, we added the power of carbon to help eliminate odors on contact. An improvement both you and your cat are sure to enjoy. So the next time you go to pick up a bag of Fresh Step® Clay litter look for the odor-eliminating carbon swirl. Your cat will thank you.

Odor-Eliminating CarbonThe highly absorbent formula of rare, high-quality clay quickly absorbs the source of odors to keep your litter box fresh.

Paw-Activated Fresheners
With Fresh Step® Clay litter, your cat helps keep the litter box smelling fresh and clean just by scratching or stepping. That's because our granules contain encapsulated fresheners that are activated when your cat scratches or steps releasing a light, fresh scent.

Odor Neutralizers Between Uses
Our patented odor neutralizers control odor between uses so you can rest assured that the litter is always working. Our advanced formula helps stop the growth of odor-causing bacteria in the litter.

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