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Farnam Comfort Zone with Feliway Spray


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Clinically proven to end urine marking within 30 days with a 95% success rate. Calms cats in stressful situations or new environments like transport, boarding or hospitalization, meeting new pets or people. Feliway® uses calming feline facial pheromones to reduce instinctive urges to mark and scratch. Pheromones are naturally secreted when cats rub objects with the side of their face. These pheromones are later recognized by the cat and produce feelings of familiarity and comfort. Feliway® spray entices your cat to rub his face on treated objects, depositing his own facial pheromones on the object so that it becomes a place he is unlikely to urine mark. Feliway® is a natural substance that mimics the feline facial pheromone. It is odorless and non-toxic to humans.

Analogue of feline facial pheromone 10%, ethanol (90%) 77.6% and excipients to 75 ml.

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